Heat insulation for roofs, building facades, interior walls, hot and cold water pipelines, steam pipelines, air conduits of AC systems, cooling systems, and different tank types.

Ultra-thin thermal insulation KORUND Classic is a complex liquid ceramic material based on the polyacrylic system with the suspended closed-cell fillers of various bulk densities used to make syntactic foam. KORUND Classicis perfectly suited for thermal insulation of roofs, building fronts, inside walls, window jambs, concrete floors, hot and cold-water pipelines, steam lines, air supply lines for air conditioning systems, cooling systems, all types of containers, tanks, trailers, refrigerators, etc. It is successfully used to prevent any condensate on cold-water pipelines and reduce heat losses in heating systems as prescribed by the Russian Construction Standards and Regulations (SNiP). The temperature range of the product is –60°С to +200°С (to +260°С in short-term peak-load operation). When applied as instructed, the product life will be no less than 15 years. Today our material is used by many customers operating in various business areas.