The coating system bulging when exposed to flame. The system comprises three layers: a primer, a fire-retardant paint and a final protective and decorative layer. It is high-strength and adhesive to a protected surface.

Fire-proof paint KORUND® is designed to increase the fire grading of supporting and enclosing structures at any industrial or civil construction up to 0.75 hour with DFT 1 mm, up to 1 hour with DFT 1.5 mm. The product is a dry mixture of heat-resistant gas and foam-forming fillers with inorganic additives. Water must be added to the mixture prior to application. The coating system is intumescent; consists of a primer, fire-proof paint coat, and decorative finish; and shows high strength and surface adhesion to the protected structure. The coating will not change appearance, crack or peel. It is free from any harmful substances with regard to human health and environment. Fire-proof coating KORUND® ensures fire rating IV of 0.8-mm thick sheets of galvanized steel with DFT 1.8 mm. It reaches fire rating IV with DFT 1 mm and III with DFT 1.5 mm, for steel structures according to fire code NPB 236-97.