Korund - The Super Thin Thermal Insulation

High Performance

Ultra-thin thermal insulation on literally any surface eliminating heat transfer!

Quick Application

The time it takes to insulate a surface is only 24 hours!!

Great Durability

KORUND thermal insulation coating offers excellent protection in extreme winter - summer weather conditions

Ecological Insulation

It is ecological, non-toxic and friendly to humans and the environment and has European CE certification!

Super Thin Insulation Korund - Korund

Super Thin Insulation Korund

  • Amazing thermal insulation (λ = 0.0012)
  • Excellent fire resistance (Euroclass A1 unburned 800ºС)
  • Operating temperature from - 60ºС to + 260ºС
  • Resistant to water and salt with pH 8.5 / 9.5
  • Offers sound insulation (at a thickness of 1mm reduces noise by 4dB)
  • Allows perspiration - Water Vapor Permeability Class "V1" (˃150gr / m2 / day)
  • Application to all building materials such as concrete, plaster, paint, metal, wood, brick, etc.

Thin approach to energy saving